For hacker extraordinaire Aloysius Tucker, taking his nine-year-old cousin Maria sledding is all about frozen toes and hot coffee. It shouldn't involve chasing after Maria as she's led into a long black car by a stranger in a Bruins jacket. But by the end of the crisp December morning Maria is gone, her mother is dead, and her father―mafia don Sal―has been arrested for murder.

Sensing blood in the water, would-be successors to Sal's criminal empire square off, agreeing on nothing but the idea that Sal's blood relative, Tucker, needs to be eliminated. Searching for Maria through freezing days and nights, Tucker persists even as his relentless efforts draw him into a deadly crossfire between every power-hungry crook in Boston.

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[A] satisfying whirlwind
— Publisher's Weekly
. . . grips you by the heart and won’t let go.
— John Gilstrap, author of Friendly Fire and the Jonathan Grave thriller series
Daniel is more than generous with the violence, guilt, tweets, craft brews, and compassion.
— Kirkus Review