Corrupted Memory

Corrupted Memory.jpg

When computer hacker Tucker is told that a dead man is lying outside his Boston home, he's shocked to discover that the body looks just like his father . . . who died fifteen years ago. Tucker soon learns the terrible truth: the dead man is a half-brother he never knew he had. Determined to find answers, Tucker tracks down his father's second family.

But Tucker's first impressions of his long-lost relatives are spoiled when dark family secrets begin to emerge. Unresolved issues torment Tucker while he struggles to discover his place among his newfound kin. As he digs deeper into the murder and the family's hidden life, Tucker becomes trapped in a dangerous scheme, and there may be no way out.

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Compulsively readable . . .
— ✭ Publisher's Weekly Starred Review
a corker of a mystery
— ✭ Library Journal Starred Review
A taut novel of high tech and high drama . . .
— Reed Farrell Coleman, New York Times-bestselling author of Robert B. Parker's BLIND SPOT